Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media builds familiarity and loyalty

If a business does not utilize every available form of social media, it risks losing a competitive edge.

Social media sites give you access to people that hours of television spots and thousands of dollars of newspaper ads can’t do. Social media is the perfect platform to demonstrate your company’s uniqueness, your exquisite service and the fantastic product a customer can expect when doing business with your establishment.


Your customers, especially those under 35, actually are expecting you to have a social media presence. They expect to ‘get to know the brand’ in order to award their loyalty, and with those audiences ‘watching’ on social media, it’s a perfect venue for companies to become relevant to those audiences.



“Customers that use social media buy more often than customers who do not use social media.”


Why do we need social media?

 Creates a Competitive Advantage
 Establishes Familiarity and Trust
 Rewards Customer Loyalty
 Builds Frequency and Increases Profits
 Generates More Business Exposure
 Cheaper than Traditional Print Advertising


Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube? Really?

Use social media sites to post interesting entries about the local sports teams, special events, celebrity sightings and videos of trips to the local markets.

The more creative you can be, and the less generic the content is, the more interesting and engaging it will be for your audience.

What should we talk about?

Your customers love to hear about new products items and special offers. However, they don’t want to interact with anyone that appears too self-serving.

Think about your brand and then try to find the right mix of promotions and special offers, education, customer service, and engagement to establish and build your brand.

It’s not just a one-time ad or flyer with the weekly specials. It’s a conversation between the business and its audience about what’s going on at the company, what the chef is cooking in the kitchen, or what local events are coming up next month.

Your product, your location, building, and interior, the atmosphere, the style of service, all determine what your “social persona” is, the audience it attracts and the image you want to convey.

Let all your social media outlets reflect that image consistently.


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