Reputation Management

Rep ManagementReputation Means Everything

When someone leaves a negative review about your business it can be far more damaging than ever imagined. There is a tendency for those reviews to carry more credibility in the eyes of the reader. Unfortunately, it is far more likely a customer will leave a bad review than a good one usually because there is an emotional connection.

An unfavorable review, whether legitimate or not can make or break a business and create a spiral effect of negative publicity. Sites like Yelp and Four Square carry a lot of weight with search engines and Google Plus is still the eight hundred pound gorilla. You need to stay on top of what people are saying about you and your business.

On the other hand, positive reviews will actually increase your bottom line. Studies have shown a definite relationship between the increase in one’s rating and the increase in company revenues.


“It takes 10-12 positive reviews to offset the impact of one negative”


How Reputation Affects Your Business

 80% say NEGATIVE information online has made them change mind about purchasing a product or service
– 2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker
 One negative customer review online can cost a company about 30 customers
– 2009 Convergys Corp.
 87 percent of consumers say a favorable review has confirmed their decision to purchase
– 2011 Cone Online Influence Report
 Each additional Star rating on Yelp equates to 5-9% Increase in Revenue
– Harvard Business School Study


It Starts with Customers Service

No amount of reputation management is going to help if you’re not willing to change your customer’s experience. It is far less damaging to offer discounts, freebies or “second chance” specials and avoid the wrath of an angry customer. In most cases, a simple apology will be enough to mend fences and satisfy them.

Be sure to listen to your customers and train employees what options are available to them for keeping the peace. Small and midsize U.S. businesses are expected to spend $700 million on tech tools or platforms to monitor or improve customer opinions on the Web over the next year, more than double the spending in the past 12 months.


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 Incorporate “Feedback Back” Strategies

A customer does not form an opinion or develop a negative attitude without some prompting. Creating a plan for heading off negative reviews should be at the forefront of your campaign.

“Feedback” is a good thing. It allows you to make improvements to your products or service, and satisfy your customers need to vent their frustrations. But it’s crucial to get that feedback before the customer has the opportunity to let those ill feelings fester and be passed on to others.

One tactic to avoid bad reviews and capture good ones is by placing signs near exits, QR codes on invoices or a phone number near the cash register. Give instructions on how to leave comments and maybe you can correct the situation while they’re still on the premises.

The most compelling reason to provide folks an outlet to vent “in-house” is usually they’re satisfied just knowing someone is listening, and therefore don’t feel a need to take their complaints and post them on some public forum where you have no way to tell your side or correct the problem.


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