Mobile SMS-Text Messaging to Build a List

What is SMS text messaging?

SMS, or Short Messaging Service, also known as text messaging and mobile messaging lets you send short text messages to and from digital cell phones and e-mail addresses.

SMS text marketing allows any business to send promotional deals to customers, such as a free oil change or a percentage off their next meal. The customer then comes into your place of business and shows the text to receive the promotion. These messages can be targeted for special events or during specific times of the day in order to drive sales.

For instance, you can send out a promotion a half hour before noon to get customers to come to your restaurant for lunch. Maybe you want to send out a text message offering reminders for special promotions.


“97% of text messages get read and 95% of text messages are read within the first seven minutes.”

Why use SMS messaging?

Attract More New Customers
Fill Quiet Periods in Your Restaurant
Increase average spend per customer
Keep your loyal customers coming back
Send weekly specials and mobile coupons
Your messages are read within seconds

How do I get customers to sign up?

Simply let your customers know about your program. You can do this with simple signs near the register, on printed sales material, Facebook pages or with table tents at each table. Most businesses include an immediate benefit, such as a percent off on their bill, to entice people to join. All customers need to do is text a keyword to a five digit number. For instance, your server might ask her tables to text “TGIF” to get 10% off tonight’s meal.[/one_half_last]

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