Mobile Apps for Restaurants

Restaurant Menu App – Mobile App Marketing for Restaurants

Attract More Repeat Customers

Around one thousand restaurants opened last year in New York City. Eight hundred of them will go out of business within the next five years. It takes more than great food, location and atmosphere to be successful.

Savvy business  owners know that building good customer relationships is the key to running a successful business in any industry. Many business owners are turning to custom iPhone and Android apps to communicate with customers and grow their businesses.

It begins with your company’s own customized, branded app that customers or prospective customers can download on their mobile phones. Immediately, your business is in your customers pocket (literally) 24/7/365.

Once you are in your customers pockets, there are tons of great features within mobile smartphone apps that can help you to engage those customers.


“Touching” your customers with information they want to hear is the key to building a loyal customer base.”


Mobile Apps Grow Your Business

Creates a Competitive Advantage
Establishes Familiarity and Trust
Rewards Customer Loyalty
Builds Frequency and Increases Profits
Generates More Business Exposure
Cheaper than Traditional Print Advertising


Change Customers On-Site Experience

Use social media sites to post interesting entries about the creation of new products and services, special events, celebrity sightings and videos featuring your company’s happy customers.

The more creative you can be, and the less generic the content is, the more interesting and engaging it will be for your audience.


Mobile menu apps build loyalty with customers

Ignite “Bounce Back” Strategies

A customer does not form a commitment or develop loyalty after a single visit to a business.

“Bouncebacks” are especially good at getting first-time customers in the door for a second time, since the customer knows that they will receive a reward on their next visit.

One example of an enticing bounceback would be to offer a free dessert with the purchase of an entrée and drink.

After customers have patronized your business more than once or twice, loyalty programs become more effective than bouncebacks.

As opposed to bouncebacks, whose main goal is to get customers to come back, loyalty programs focus on strengthening the bond with repeat customers.

Having mobile apps already in your customers’ “pockets” makes it easy to engage customers with bounceback and loyalty rewards programs. [/box]


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