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Can new customers find your business?

When most customers search online for a local business, they are searching for a company in a specific area that provides a certain product or service that they are interested in.

Thirty percent of all online searches are from mobile phones, and 55% of traveling diners are looking for local restaurants on their mobile devices. Your business’s presence in these local search engine listings will either bring you an exponentially large amount of new business or allow your influx of customers to remain the same. Or worse…go to your competitors.

60% of people searching online click on one of the top three search results. If your business does not show up in these top search results you are losing business. Local search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! need to be your best friends, if you want to see more of these new customers in your business.

What happens when you search your area for the type of products or services you offer? Does your company show up in the top three local listings?

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Social Media Marketing

social media for auto dealers

Social media builds familiarity and loyalty

If a local business does not utilize every available form of social media, it risks losing a competitive edge.

Social media sites give you access to people that hours of television spots and thousands of dollars of newspaper ads can’t do. Social media is the perfect platform to demonstrate your company’s uniqueness, your exquisite service and the fantastic product a customer can expect, when doing business with your establishment.

Your customers, especially those under 35, actually are expecting you to have a social media presence. They expect to ‘get to know the brand’ in order to award their loyalty, and with those audiences ‘watching’ on social media, it’s a perfect venue for local businesses to become relevant to those audiences.

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Mobile SMS -Text Messaging

What is SMS text messaging?

SMS, or Short Messaging Service, also known as text messaging and mobile messaging lets you send short text messages to and from digital cell phones and e-mail addresses.

SMS text marketing allows any business to send promotional deals to customers, such as a free oil change or a percentage off their next meal. The customer then comes into your place of business and shows the text to receive the promotion. These messages can be targeted for special events or during specific times of the day in order to drive sales.

For instance, you can send out a promotion a half hour before noon to get customers to come to your restaurant for lunch. Maybe you want to send out a text message offering reminders for special promotions or upcoming events. It’s simple, lightning-fast, and allows the potential for new customers.

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Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites Attract Customers

Mobile websites are a key component in the new world of mobile marketing for local business. Whether to find a new restaurant or to find a good dentist, consumers use their mobiles phones more than anything else to decide where to spend their hard earned money.

Consumers expect to be able to view your company’s website from their phones to look up relevant information, store hours, and directions. Businesses without a mobile presence are missing out on a massive opportunity to drive new customers into their stores.

Mobile websites for local businesses reach more customers, promote your product or service, attract new business and increases your customer loyalty.

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iPhone & Android Apps

iPhone and Android Apps – Mobile App Marketing

Attract More Repeat Customers

Around one thousand restaurants opened last year in New York City. Eight hundred of them will go out of business within the next five years. It takes more than great food, location and atmosphere to be successful.

Savvy business  owners know that building good customer relationships is the key to running a successful business in any industry. Many business owners are turning to custom iPhone and Android apps to communicate with customers and grow their businesses.

It begins with your company’s own customized, branded app that customers or prospective customers can download on their mobile phones. Immediately, your business is in your customers pocket (literally) 24/7/365.

Once you are in your customers pockets, there are tons of great features within mobile smartphone apps that can help you to engage those customers.

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Reputation Management


Rep ManagementYour Reputation is Everything…

When people leave negative reviews about your business it can be far more damaging then first imagined. There is a tendency for those reviews to carry more credibility in the eyes of the reader. Unfortunately it is far more likely a customer will leave a bad review than a good one usually because there is a more emotional connection

Then unfavorable review, whether legitimate or not can make or break a business and create a spiral effect in negative publicity. Sites like Yelp and Four Square carry a lot of weight with search engines and Google Plus is still the eight hundred pound gorilla. You need to stay on top of what people are saying about you and your business.

On the other hand, positive reviews will actually increase your bottom line. Studies have shown a definite relationship between the increase in one’s rating and the increase in company revenues.

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